Monday, October 24, 2005


Again, I'm exhausted.

I think that Saturday detention screwed up my schedule for fitting in just those few moments of actual relaxation I get to enjoy on the weekend in between lesson planning, thesis writing, and cleaning up the mess cast about during the course of the week.

Not having to teach today was nice, but for much of the day I was left pondering what chaos might be occurring in my classroom without me. I actually cleaned out my desk of just about everything that could be of interest to a 12 year old, and stashed it all in my locked closet. No doubt, a crushing surprise to my more nimble five finger bandits.

However, I'm haunted by the idea of what I'll walk back into on Wednesday. Destroyed bulleting boards? Desks and chairs tossed about? Worksheets and books covering the floors? I guess that I'll find out soon enough.

Today was a training day, and it was actually rather decent. It was not conducted by the DOE, but a private organization, and YIPPEE, they had coffee and food available! Really, sometimes it really is the small things that matter. Much of the content was was rather mundane, but the fellow educators that were in attendance were articulate and brought up a number of interesting discussions. While there were some icebreakers conducted, I simply gritted my teeth and complied in good humor.

Must do grad work...must do lesson plans...must make photocopies from home because the department's damn copier is out of commission indefinitely. They say a repair call will be made. No doubt, at some point in June.

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