Monday, October 31, 2005

Technology Sucks (among other things)

Surely the gods were looking out for me today, as I managed to:

  • NOT throw my personal laptop computer, two school laptop computers, and two VGA projectors out the window in a most frustrating technological meltdown right before my lesson which was totally based on a streaming video
  • NOT wrap an Ethernet cable around the neck of the student that somehow sabotaged the ONLY computer that WAS getting internet access
  • NOT share my true feelings about a student with his mother at a "surprise meeting" 10 minutes before homeroom
  • NOT vomit when I walked into the faculty bathroom and encountered a ... um ... mess all over the floor
  • NOT walk right the hell out of the school when I was informed that I was being assigned to ANOTHER round of Saturday trainings by the principal for god knows HOW long, but encouraged that this training, at this location, was VERY "prestigious"
  • NOT open my mouth at the faculty meeting this afternoon, even though I had a few choice comments to make
  • NOT throw a half eaten apple at my chapter leader as he made yet another pointless, ignorant, and wholly unintelligible remark at said faculty meeting
  • NOT rip the PA off the wall when yet another announcement was made for the 26th time (yes! I kept a tally today! I don't work at a school. Evidently, I work at 1010 WINS!) and one of my students so articulately proclaimed, "SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY! NOBODY GIVES A SHIT IF JARONE'S MOTHER IS HERE!" Which was followed by, "Mr. B, is that what you mean when you say exemplative?" I blushed with teacher pride and said, "Expletive. And yes, you used two. Both warranted."

And NOT cry when I finally got in my car, sat in traffic for over two hours, and realized that my commute was doomed if this stinker of a contract is passed and I have to "remediate" until 3:37:05PM for the duration of my NYC commitment.

Can someone please tell me WHY the hell I'm writing this post when I'm miles behind in my thesis and other senseless grad work?

Oh yeah.

I stopped giving a crap about that a couple of weeks ago. I keep forgetting.

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Chaz said...

I think your blog is good because it gets your frustration out.

P.S. I hope you were being paid to go to Saturday programs??