Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yo mister, this boy be gay!

Young love, middle school style. This utterance was made following one of the boys putting his arm around the hefty shoulders of another student and kissing him on the ear.

Despite all my worry, I returned to a classroom that was PERFECTLY intact! I actually got to school an hour and a half before homeroom just to clean it up, so I just about fell over when I peaked through my classroom's door and saw everything in order. *huge sigh*

Unfortunately, I wish my students had stayed the same. Many kids don't respond well to changes in their schedule, and my students were definitely OFF today. Many were quite pleased to see me, until they read the "Do Now." Back to business. Chop, chop!

I really must be run down. Today by fourth period I had lost my voice. By eighth period I finally found a whistle stashed away in my desk. Thought I would scare the shit out of my class when I blew it. And you know, they never even looked at me. Sons of bitches kept right on talking and screaming... just louder in case I blew the whistle again. Grrrr.......


Ms. H said...

I think this class should meet my 8th grade ESL class. Seriously. The boys would LOVE each other. Or maybe they'd just be terrified of each other. Who knows.

Oh, man, if the whistle didn't work...hmm...I think my dad used to use one of those can-things with his class...I think it's called an air horn.

Ms. H said...

P.S. That boy be mad gay.