Monday, November 14, 2005

multiple choice

What is the appropriate course of action you should take when Mr. B calls your home to discuss your inappropriate behavior in his class?

a) Suck it up and hand the receiver to your Mom.

b) Pick up the receiver and hang it up rapidly. Repeat this numerous times until Mr. B finally gives up.

c) Answer the phone and exclaim, "Yo, Biotch! What's poppin'?"

Unfortunately, dear student believed the answer to be: b.

Likewise, dear student underestimated Mr. B's tenacity and ruthlessness when dealing with a recalcitrant teenager. Dear student failed to comprehend that Mr. B would continue to hit redial 18 (yes.... E-I-G-H-T-E-E-N, I actually had to check my phone to see!) times, until somebody in the house might, just might, wonder why the phone was ringing off the hook in such an unusual manner.

Oh, dear student. Don't screw with Mr. B on a Monday. Especially after Mr. B had to sit through professional development.

Mr. B just ain't playin' anymore.


Anonymous said...

I thought the answer was "C"?, the way you talk about your class.

Keep out-stubborn them and they will eventually give June 28, 2006!

anonymous said...

I think i gave you the wrong address to my blog;