Friday, December 09, 2005

shut up

Why Gansta Thug Boy has started saying "Shut Up" after everything I say is beyond me. He thinks it's funny; I do not. He doesn't say it in a nasty or mean way. But he does say it LOUDLY, which is really getting under my skin. Oh yes, we have had a talk about it. A few, actually. He just breaks out laughing in the middle of the conversation, somewhere around me stating, "You know, I know that you think it's funny, but I'm finding it offensive." And this crack him up, causing him to fall on the floor in a fit of laughter.


Little Guy has likewise started a rather disturbing practice of getting up from his seat, walking to the trash can, and then placing a pencil on his groin and pretending to urinate (with full facial expressions, I might add). At this, I simply yell and threaten to call his mother.

And of all the crappy things I've had to watch since I started this year, the "most crappiest" is having to administer all these practice tests to my students and witness them struggle for 45 minutes to read a single one page passage. Really, it's painful. And I can see the look of frustration come across their faces after working for 2 periods and only answering 8 out of 25 questions.


In my mailbox this morning, I received a letter informing me that Student From Hell will be finishing off his suspension and shall be returning to my class 1/3. Oh, man. This kid could piss off the Pope in two seconds. The chances of me making it to June are looking slimmer and slimmer.


Chaz said...

You should have Gansta Thug Boy sent out of your room. No IEP allows a student to disrespect a teacher. It appears you are trying not to make waves. However, what happens is that you lose control of the class. Your AP should be notified and take an active role in disiplining the student.

123-I-Love-You said...

Ok - the pencil-urinating boy seems to have a certain youthful charm.

On the other hand, the "shut-up" boy needs a fairly hefty dose of public humiliation time and time again until he learns his position on the totem pole.

Trust me, it works.

Please do this.