Thursday, January 19, 2006

Santa came a little late...

Just when I thought my classes were challenging enough, I get a new student!

Not just any student. An ELL student.

Not having *any* experience in ELL, I'm a bit concerned. The student has been evaluated for services, in Spanish, and he apparently has some significant language processing challenges. Given that I have no Spanish language background, this will be a real test. No doubt he will be the subject of subsequent posts.

But Santa brought me another gift. A 1:1 paraprofessional for the young man. Just what I wanted. That will make it 3 paraprofessionals that I work with in this class alone. 5 altogether. (Yes, I have dreams that one day I will be all alone in a classroom filled with children.)

And to make it all the more special....

English Language Learner Lenny (hereinafter referred to as ELLL) is close relatives with Potty Mouth Girl (PMG). For a young man with language processing issues, he had absolutely no problem blurting this out after I assigned him homework:

"Yo! I wanno no fuc&ing howork! Yo, missa! Wha the fuc& dis sh$t fo, missa?"


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Ms. H said...

Lemme know if you have any specific questions, since my background is in ESL.