Friday, March 17, 2006

overheard in the hallway

Kid: Yo, Mr. B be mad fast! That man be grabbing away alls your shit! Man got a closet full of shit he grabbed away from kids. Sodas, CD players, basketballs. Oh! Hi, Mr. B!

Yomister's Official Inventory List of Confiscated Property

2 bags of sunflower seeds (since eaten by school rats)
4 bottles of soda
1 Teen People
3 Basketballs
1 Football
5 braids of synthetic hair (now there is a story)
4 CDs of unknown artists
1 Superball
1 Address book (sans entries)
1 Cell Phone (broken)
1/2 eaten package of Starbursts (evidently not a rat's treat of choice)
2 pages ripped out of a Victoria's Secret catalog
1 set of headphones for CD/MP3 player

... and

1 pair of XL boxers (pale blue with white stripes; why the boys were playing around with these is beyond me)


Ms. H said...

Can you make some sort of art installation out of this stuff?

You put my puny handball collection to shame.

Chaz said...

If you ever survive your school for five years (I bet my pension you won't) you should write a book. Better yet do some standup comedy about your class. What a cast of characters!

yomister said...


I think you made a safe bet.