Wednesday, October 25, 2006

hand me the stun gun, please...

Yeah. Forget all that "my year is going great and I'm finally a competent teacher" crap.

My kids are horrific.

My teaching skills are evidently nil.

Another f-ing year at I.S. OZ.

Big Girl, a new admit to my class of predominately ED kids, has officially turned into the biggest pain in my ass. More so because she keeps asking me ****everyday*** after a full day of fighting, cutting class, running the hallways, cursing out every administrator, jumping sixth graders in the stairwell, and allowing dozens of eighth grade boys to fondle every part of her body...

"Mr. Benjamin, I've been a good girl today? I'm a good girl, right Mr. Benjamin? Will you call my momma and tell her I've been a good girl?"

And every time she asks ... I bust out laughing at her.

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Anonymous said...

Honeymoon over already? However, I really look forward to your adventures with the class from hell.