Thursday, January 18, 2007


"Mr. Benjamin, why do girls moan when they're doing it? Mr. X say that do that because it's a lot like eating barbeque - you make noises causes cause it taste so good. But I told him he was full of sh1t, it's because they're unhappy and in pain."

"Oh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Robert, well. Robert, have you been watching the Spice channel again?"

That question began a rather convoluted discussion about sexual reproduction between myself and three of my male students.

As I walked to the subway station after work, I realized that this conversation was great blog banter. It also made me realize how utterly neglectful I've been in my postings. A bunch of stuff has happened over the past couple of months which curtailed my postings. In addition to the "dog ain't my homework" and "my mom couldn't help with my blog homework cause she say it too hard for her, too" obligatory excuses ... here's the deal:

1. Mr. Benjamin got into a nasty car accident and totalled his new car.
2. Mr. Benjamin wasn't seriously hurt, but had almost no recollection of the facts that transpired between impact and waking up in my house the next morning with a hospital bracelet on his wrist.
3. Mr. Benjamin then begins to have sudden anxiety attacks while driving cars, discussing cars, and even watching cars drive down the road.
4. Unable to sleep and stiffening up like a board at the mere thought of a car, Mr. Benjamin goes to shrink who prescribes some mild drugs (stingy old hag) which actually worked well (causing her to be immediately risen to the postion of good old hag I'll meet with once a month).
5. Mr. Benjamin then gets a rental car, and then (I swear you not) has another *&^Y%%% acccident within 18 hourd behind the wheel
6. Mr. Benjamin decided to leave the burbs, and found a place for himself in the Village.
7. And ....................... Mr. Benjamin was elected chaper delegate from his school.
8. And........................Finished grad school with a sweet 4.o cummulative GPA.

Now Mr. Bernjamin is bored and wants to meet some other NYC teachers to hang out with on occassion. So if there area any blog meet-ups, drop me a note.

There are a backlog of entries that I need to catch up on. Particularly the events surround U.A. and his subsequent admission to a hopsital for psychitric observation. He's not coming back, and I miss him terribly.

Hope the teaching community is alive well. I shall return shortly.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! You are alive! I'm so sorry about the accidents -- glad you seem to be recovering. More stories! More! MORE!!!

Nancy said...

hey, there, mr. b... in fact, jules at mildly melancholy had a teacher-blogger event planned for this past saturday but it was postponed due to her own car mishap. so, stay in touch with jules for future dates!

Jonathan said...

I was wondering.

And I read about the mildly melancholy drinks thing too late to make it. We'll pester her to do it again.

Welcome back, and congratulations (I guess) on the delegate thing. Delegate Assemblies can go between boring, interesting, contentious, and bizarre.


Anonymous said...

aw, you guys beat me to it. :) yes, we've got a plan for next saturday night. mark your calendar and meet the troops!

very sorry to hear about your troubles, but i hope things keep getting better. have a good week, and hope to hear much more soon!

Anonymous said...

Here's the details: Teacher blogger night at the Art Bar this Saturday night, around 9pm! It's on 8th Ave between Horatio and Jane, just south of 14th street, on the A/C/E.
my email is for more info. hope to see you there!