Tuesday, November 20, 2007

auto-response teacher

I can't believe how many times I repeated this today and tonight at P/T conferences:

"May I look at report card? It helps me to get a better picture of how he/she is doing. Mr./Mrs. Insert Name Here, this school is premised on two goals. First, to see that your child develops into an individual strong in character. Secondly, we are here to prepare your son/daughter academically to get into the best high schools and colleges. This will not happen until your son/daughter begins to take responsibility for his/her learning." "The question is not when, but how? What is your suggestion?"

And every parent said the same thing.

"Well. Uhh. Hmmm."

This led to some exceptionally long discussions, much to the chagrin of the dozen parents standing in line.

I was actually quite pleased with some of the suggestions and the conversations that followed.

It certainly beat the P/T conferences that I was subject to the last three years at IS OZ, which generally started with something to the effect of, "Thanks for coming. We're having another problem with Pauly telling me to suck his d78k every day that I ask him to hang his coat."

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