Thursday, November 15, 2007

a grunt will do

I've always had rather good relations with my colleagues. But not so much at IS Prep. At least with one in particular. She's a bully. Period.

For a fair amount of time I've been intimidated by her. We had one fierce blow-up at beginning of the year. I'm not sure what happened after the loud (her) 10 minute spat, but I do know that I wasn't called into the office to explain myself. So that says something.

I just hate working in such a small environment with this feeling of hostility in air. It definitely has not dissipated between us. We try to play nice to one another, but I think we

... this is where I must stop. I feel so inhibited posting this year as the school is small and I really don't want to getting my ass caught, like one other fabulous NYC teacher-blogger that was discovered at his school and had to endure an investigation. So we'll see where I go with this.

OH! Nice CL e-mail today about the new NYC "gotcha" announcement. Now why I don't I find this development to be the least surprising?

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NYC Educator said...

I'm sorry to hear you're uncomfortable at work. Your colleagues can really make or break your feelings on the job sometimes. Kids, I think, are the same everywhere somehow. Maybe you'd feel better focusing on them. Personally, I have a lot more patience for kids than adults, who ought to know better.

As for "gotcha," it represents no change whatsoever in the Bloomberg M.O. Perhaps they thought if they threw enough virgins in the volcano it wouldn't be hungry anymore.

But they were wrong, as per usual.