Monday, November 12, 2007

it's moday, feels like sunday

Hoorah! I spent another day doing absolutely nothing on Sunday! I ran a couple of errands and that was about it. It's been great to actually have some time to catch up on some blogs that I've neglected for far too long, such as unaccountable talk, NY Teacher, Ms. Frizzle, and some new favorites. I love Pissed Off Mom. Great to hear the insight of someone navigating the NYC system with her children, and the insight she provides.

Today, alas, it is back to work. Although not at school. I was informed in a "very last minute" type of way on Friday that I have three "after school" training sessions for the SLT committee. Not too happy about that one. This also conflicts with an evening PD I already signed up and really wanted to attend. I also have to launch a professional development series for my department, which should be interesting given that all of my department consists of teachers taking grad classes, all on different days. I hate "lunch 'n learn" meetings. That's simply overkill, and no teacher should have to feel pressure to attend a meeting scheduled during a "duty free" period. But with only two PD days this year, I'm left totally confused as to when the BOE thinks PD should be provided.

I would ask my principal for per session compensation for the teachers, but the school is broke by all accounts. I agree with the principal that we don't want to start our second year in a deficit. So I'm going to have to figure something out.

Just a quick note on collaborative (common) planning sessions. It's really hard to prepare for a class when one of the members of your department doesn't do his or her designated lesson. I like that we write lesson plans on a rotating basis. It makes sense, and saves a lot of time. But not if one of your colleagues doesn't do them promptly. This morning, I still don't have a lesson plan for one of my classes tomorrow, although the teacher promised me it would be e-mailed by Sunday. It's Monday, no lesson in e-mail box, and Mr. Benjamin is not happy. I have two of the lowest level classes in the school (yes, tracking is alive and well), and I always have to adapt the lessons and differentiate the instruction and product. I'm going to chill a bit before I e-mail the teacher.

I'm off to the Apple store in Soho to catch a workshop on OS X Leopard. I need to learn things I probably won't use often but make me happy when I do. I actually stood on a huge line to purchase the upgrade on the day of its release. In the rain. It was actually kind of fun, given that I never do that kind of stuff. Got the free t-shirt. Sometimes it's the little things.

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