Sunday, October 16, 2005

I can't do a sixth period...

nope! Can't do it. I'm also not too pleased with the:

  • letters in the file provision
  • amount of the pay raise for the increase in time
  • loss of seniority transfers (and yeah! I'm a new teacher!)
  • failure to provide "meaningful" professional development (and with the new "professional certificate" you need quite a bit)
  • hallway honor guard/poopy room patrol/cafeteria duty

But really, I'm gonna bust if I have to do this extra 37.5 minutes per day. I'm a special education teacher. I have my students for up to three periods in a row already on most days. This will make it 4 in a row. Small group instruction? I already do that. I only have 8 boys in one of my classes, with three adults supervising, yet chaos! Everyday!

*banging head on table*

Money wise, this contract will be relatively lucrative for me. With a J.D. and my M.Ed. which I will earn by 12/06, along with a step increase, this tentative contract will yield me a HUGE increase in pay for me concurrent with my release from the Fellows. That's good. What's bad is the precedent this sends for contracts yet to be negotiated.

*banging head on table again*

I'll be casting a "NO" vote. Loudly.

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