Saturday, October 15, 2005

While I'm on retail matters ...

The Gap has apparently implemented a new security system.

Security labels are now being sewn inside the garments themselves, allowing the consumer to have to "REMOVE BEFORE WASHING OR WEARING."

And guess who couldn't find their scissors this morning?

I know myself pretty well. And I know that I'll forever be forgetting to take these things off. A new life awaits as I aimlessly set off theft detectors throughout the state and/or ruin clothing that I have thrown into the dryer set to high heat.

For an over-priced, quality-challenged sweater, the sales associate is going to have to cut it off for me.


Anonymouph said...

Old Navy just started putting in the exact same tags. I wore a pair of pants twice before I found the tag yesterday. It never occurred to me that failing to remove the tags might cause security alarms at other stores to go off. Thanks for the warning!

yomister said...

I set the alarm off at the Gap when I was leaving, but the sales associates all just smiled and waved my goodbye. So I think that I have a live one that they didn't disarm. Hopefully these things won't cause all hell to break loose at different retailers.