Friday, October 21, 2005

Oz: Season Hiatus?

Gangsta Thug Boy was absent today.

Oz is now on indefinite hiatus.

The rest of the boys carried on in their normally abnormal behaviors, and with the exception of a few fist fights and some name calling, not a single butt was humped, not a single plea needed to be made on my part to cease said humping, not a single sentence in homage to one's bitch was written.

Just another run of the mill day where I seem to be speaking in apples and everyone is hearing me in oranges.

"What is the quiz for in your class?"

"Spelling," I replied.

"Spelling? Whaaaat? Why are you doing that?"

"Umm, because my students can't spell."

"Whaaaaaat? What can't they spell? Is this spelling quiz contextual?"

"No, this spelling quiz is phonics crap. Cake, bake, take, remake. Track, rack, stack, black. Crap like that," I said as I was trying to get away.

"Whaaaaaat? Why are you doing that?"


"Whaaaaat? Why not?"

I just shrugged my shoulders. I really wish I knew.

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