Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oz: Episode 2

I'm exhausted.

Even with my SFH (Student From Hell) being suspended, I've come to learn that once one of the ringleaders has been removed, another will gladly take his or her place in the classroom poor conduct hierarchy. Today SFH II took up the challenge, and my, did he do a fine job of it. Little man managed to sabotage both my original lesson plans, my back-up lesson plans, and even my "Oh Hell! This class is WAY outta control" lesson plans. Kudos kid! Mommy is getting a rise and shine wake-up call very early tomorrow morning!

The humping has continued; however, it has turned into a much kinder and gentler form of groping. Today when asked to write a descriptive paragraph about someone they cared about, two of the boys selected one another. Although they treated the paragraph as a joke, they wrote one! This is a milestone! Evidently, this is the foulest form of writing motivation. But hey, I'll gladly accept the work. Guidance counselor's phone mysteriously non-functional today. Wonder if she blocked my number.

On a different note, just wanted to add ... I HATE GRAD SCHOOL!!! Boo to LastPlace University with its horrifically errant approach to teacher education! Really, just terrible.

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