Saturday, October 15, 2005

Staples: A Love-Hate Relationship

(My hidden bulletin board filled with Staples receipts)

In my mailbox I received a letter from Staples.

I receive a LOT of mail from Staples, mainly in the form of "teacher rewards" vouchers. Every few months a voucher of $10-$30 dollars would show up, a testament to the amount of supplies I buy for my classroom. I was under the impression (another way of stating that I could have been wrong all along) that I was getting 10% back on all my purchases. It was a good deal. Ethernet cables, printer cartridges, dry erase markers, would all regularly fill my basket. I knew that I was turning into a Staples whore/addict, but I was helpless. I NEEDED this crap. And I could always spot the other teacher whores in the store as well. Not too hard to do. Just look at the guy/gal that is mentally computing the cost of a box of pencils per unit, and BINGO, you just found another Staples addict.

So I opened the letter with a fair amount of happiness. WooHoo! Staples' vouchers!

But no voucher inside! BOO!

Instead, some letter stating that I was upgraded to "Staples Teacher Gold" status for spending over $500 in a calendar year (*cringe* .... much more than that in all actuality), and that I now qualified for 5% back. Looks like they gutted the reward program. And if your not "Gold" status, all you get back is 2%.


*throwing imaginary rocks through the window of my local Staples and swearing like a truck driver*

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