Monday, February 27, 2006


Dan entered my classroom this year with only minimal phonemic awareness due to a traum@tic br@in injury.

When we started, he could only recognize the alphabet with approximately 60% accuracy.

Today, Dan read:


These are the first words he's read in three years.

This is the reason why I teach.


Anonymous said...

When nothing can go right for years, it's things like this that make one's entire existance worthwhile.

Apple Teach?

Kathy Brantley said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic. I have had an episode similar to a TBI (a stroke), and I so know how hard it is to read and write after something like that. You're amazing for helping these kids!

-- Kathy (just a random reader)

Anonymous said...

i've been teaching sped for 23 years and i totally understand how you feel. i tell new teachers that they can't save everybody but if they can make a difference for 1 kid a year, it's a victory.

Chaz said...

That is what makes teaching rewarding. When you feel you made a difference in their life.