Monday, February 27, 2006

welcome back

Oh, there is nothing harder than getting out of bed after a vacation. Nothing.

Driving to school this morning, I was totally preoccupied in making some adjustments to my lesson plans. One section of my students is well beyond the other, and I'm somewhat losing my mind keeping track of what, and what has not, been covered on any given day. Last Friday, I actually ***retaught** a lesson for almost 15 minutes before one of my kids threw me a clue that I had already covered the material. The rest of the class was delighted with all of my "Wow! You guys are smart!" comments, and were more than happy to let the fiasco continue for as long as possible. The snitch had to endure about a half-dozen pencils thrown at him in retaliation. A practice that I discourage, but found amusing nonetheless.

So as I dragged my ass into my classroom, after electing to give the "fast" class some extra independent reading time, I just about crapped myself when I looked over into a corner of my classroom and found a....


Where it came from, and why it's in my classroom, remains a mystery.

But I am delighted.

Or was, until Gansta Thug Boy asked me when he would be dismissed.

"Uh. 2:57:30?"

"Dang! I wanna get home and beat my meat, yo!"

"No problem. I'll be happy to call your mother and explain the situation."

"No. No, no, no!!! I be jokin', mister! Please don't call? Please!!!"

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