Monday, February 06, 2006

Extra minutes

Well, no real problems today with the implementation of the new "tutoring" time. The school scheduled 5 students on my roster (special ed) and I was able to trade a couple of the boys with another special ed teacher who is focusing on mathematics. Unfortunately, 2 of my students (boys) are kind of rough in the disposition area, so that will be a relative challenge in getting them to "work" rather than "complain" for 37.5 minutes.

The administration did hand out some lessons to use, but they were far above the reading abilities of my students and thus worthless.

One of the boys was running around the room flipping out about being held and kept insisting on leaving.

"Will you write me up?"

"Well, I will mark that you weren't here on the scan sheet. But I'm not going to body block you from leaving."

"So, can I leave?"

"No. But I can't stop you and I don't think it's wise if you leave."

And with that ... he was gone.

After the tutoring time, the staff was summoned to the auditorium for a meeting (something which I totally forgot about and made me less than pleased). 40 minutes of, "yadda, yadda, yadda." And that ended my day.

Two new students will be entering my classroom tomorrow, both with significant emotional problems. And both with a history of suspension center sentences for assaulting one or more of their teachers. Honestly, if one of these boys dares to hit me ... I'm out.


Anonymous said...

hey, all the students I was supposed to "teach" today left at 3pm.

made it easy for me, most students just picked up and left, will be interesting to see how they plan on keeping them in till 3:30.

Ms. H said... didn't get punched, did you?