Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The gods must be crazy

Dear New Student:

Thanks for all of the fun today. And thanks for covering my room in gang graffiti. I had a blast chasing you down in the hallways, and answering the dozen calls from the office imploring me to somehow restrain you within a classroom. Haha! You sure did cause some chaos, didn't ya?

Well, tomorrow is a new day. I wanted to tell you about all the fun were gonna have with your new Behavior Intervention Plan, but you cut school before I had a chance. No worries. Well discuss it tomorrow because I'll be keeping you in my classroom ... ALL DAY. Fun, right? No, you won't be chasing the rest of the class as they transition between classes. You'll be with me. ALL DAY. Even lunch.

What's that? You wanna cut? Or do you want me to get a 1:1 para to tag along next to you for the rest of your middle school days? And man, given that you won't be graduating middle school until the cusp of your 17th birthday, might I give you a piece of advice? Having a 1:1 para sitting next to you in the cafeteria is a sure way to never have a girlfriend. Trust me.

Have a good night's rest. Because tomorrow you'll be working. Hard.

Mr. B

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Chaz said...

Very good;

Your threat to the boy that no girl will be interested in you if you have a 1:1 para sitting with you was good. However, my many years of experience have shown that young teenage girls (13-16)like the thuggish boys. While the boy may take your advice seriously, there will always be a girl who wants to get with him, unfortunatly