Monday, February 13, 2006

no snow day for you

Oh, well. Although I sat at my computer last night with the child-like hope that there might be a snow day, unfortunately there was not. Part of that hope was a result of my own irritation at having to develop an alternate set of lesson plans, knowing that the majority of my students (who live only blocks from the school) would not be in attendance. I originally had planned to have my little monsters work on a guided composition, but instead developed a lesson identifying elements of fiction and making predictions. Blah.

Altogether, 10 of my 19 students appeared at school at various times, a much higher turnout than I had anticipated.

Toby, a student with rather severe ADHD, once again lost his mind when the 37.5 minutes came about. He elected to spend the time all bundled up in his coat and hood, circle around the classroom, and repeatedly announce that he was far too smart to be held like a "prisoner" at school.

"Okay, listen, sit down and let's do some work."

"Hell, no! Hell, no! I ain't doin' nothin'. Nothin'."

This exchange went on for some time, until I hit my frustration threshold and gave him the pass to the boys' room with the stipulation that he remain in there for a minimum of 25 minutes. Toby found the resolution satisfactory, but did return within 5 minutes a bit calmer and focused, much to my other students' relief.

The tutoring time has definitely lost its novelty factor with the other kids in my group. Considering that I have them for 3 period before tutoring, Mondays are definitely a grind for all of us.

Is anybody doing something really out of the ordinary with their alloted time? If so, I would love to hear about it.


Miss Dennis said...

Yo Mister! I really like your blog.

mayqueen said...

Every day during the 37.5 minutes, after I physically wrestle 5 out of the 10 kids into their chairs and out of the halls, we read Louis Sachar's "Holes." This is mostly because I cannot bear the idea of creating lesson plans past the regular schoolday. You know you are not technically supposed to have any of your own students in the 37.5 minutes... [I do as well, I'm just sayin...]