Tuesday, February 14, 2006

pimp daddy

This morning during first period, I made the keen observation that a disproportionate number of students were wearing red today. And carrying gifts. And unusually giddy. And yet somehow, for some reason, I was so thoroughly self-absorbed in my normal morning thoughts that I somehow neglected to tie these blatant clues to the fact that today was Valentine's Day.

As I awaited the first period siren to ring (as my school elected to install a "bell" system that rivals the local fire station's and is audible within a two block proximity to the school), there was a knock on my classroom door. After barking at the boys to stay in their goddamn seats, I answered the door to find not one, not two, but four female students awaiting me.

In unison they loudly yelled, "Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. B!"

And then immediately ran down the hallway, giggles in tow.

Mr. B was later informed that he is "officially" the "bomb" of the special education sixth grade girls, and that their act of courage at my door had been meticulously planned during yesterday's mathematics class. Or so I was told by their math teacher, who was none too pleased that their planning had significantly interfered with said teacher's review of polynomials.

A very sweet portion to an otherwise wholly uneventful (one can read in to that quite literally, dear readers) Valentine's.

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