Monday, April 03, 2006

extended joy

Three things that are messing with my head:

1. While climbing the stairwell on my way to my classroom, I stumbled upon a large piece of human feces and urine. The feces was, err, definitely human and not from a child. I notified the main office with my best "this isn't my first time coming across this kind of thing" tone of voice, although truthfully, I just wanted to run out of the building in total disgust that I work in such an a teacher.

2. I'm a wee bit behind in the history curriculum. By about a century or so. Yep.

3. It was strongly suspected that one of my students was carrying a weapon. I notified admin and the child was searched. Nothing was found. Child later boasted in homeroom that he threw the contraband out the window before the search. I'm all "Dang! I just want this little bastard suspended! He's driving me nuts!" when I know I should be more "caring and understanding" (but sometimes that's so hard).


Johanna said...

screw caring and understanding and thanks for the advice. I think you might be right

H.W.C. said...

Pimpin new design, btw. Just curious- what type of weapon?

yomister said...

A knife.

fellow-ette said...

there are times to be caring and understanding and times to be more worried about the other kids's safety (not to mention yours!). you are totally right.