Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gansta Thug Boy gives me a ring

In order to facilitate parent-teacher communications, I frequently give out my number to parents. Unfortunately, GTB likes to call me for a variety of reasons. Here's this evening's phone call:


"Hi, who is this?"


"Oh. I need to talk to Mr. Benjamin."

"This is he. Who is this?"

"Oh. Hi, Mr. B. This is Gary. Do we have school tomorrow?"

"Ummm. Yeah."

"You sure? Why we got school?"

"Because we do. Vacation starts on Thursday, Gary."


"What did you just say?"

"Yo! I said 'fuck' by mistake, Mr. B! Sorry."

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Oh, shit! Do we have homework?"

"Watch the mouth! Of course you have homework."

"What it be?"

"It would be the assignment that I wrote in the box on the blackboard that says 'Homework'. "

(In all honesty, I couldn't for the life of me remember what the homework was.)

"Oh. So what you doin'?"

(I was actually standing half naked in the bathroom about to take a shower)

"Report cards, Gary."

"Did I pass? You pass me, right?"

"I haven't decided. But the faster we get off the phone, Gary, the better your chances."

"Oh! Then I be hangin' up fast. Later, Mr. B!"

In the background I hear, "Fuck. I got school tomorrow! Shit! And that man always be giving homework! Huh? No. He cool. He just expects too much!"


NYC Educator said...

It's admirable you let your kids call you. However, you're also out of your mind.

Kids could accuse you of anything. Under the new contract, you can be suspended without pay on the basis of an unproven accusation. Let them use the school number and change yours ASAP.

Use the monitored school email if you want to converse with students.

yomister said...

Just a little background on this.

I do provide my telephone number to some parents. I do not provide them to students. GTB has called me before from his mother's mobile, always with her present, asking about some assignment or other school related question. He's also the only student to ever do so. And no, I would never engage in a protracted conversation with a student on the phone.

That said, I appreciate the advice.

Chaz said...


nyc educator is correct, under the contract you could be suspended without pay for 90 days just by a student accusation. Unfortunantly, at times you get a call from a student or player (my cell phone # is listed on the PSAL web site) and I do take the call. However, I make sure that I speak to the parent if I must call them back and I use the DOE-monitored email site to exchange school-related issues. According to the DOE teenagers lie, except when its about their teacher.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Obviously, I'm writing from the Left Coast, so I don't know about your district's policies concerning giving out your phone number to students. (I wouldn't do it, just 'cause I need some space in the evening.) But your description of the conversation between you and Gary was delightful--made me smile at the end of an otherwise smile-less day. Thanks for sharing it!

Ms. H said...

My question is: did he show up with his homework done?

yomister said...

Unfortunately, no homework was submitted. Although I did hold him for 10 minutes at lunch in order to complete it.

Kirsten said...

LOL great blog! I am a primary school teacher (grade 4) in Queensland, Australia and I have just realised how easy my job is!!!

I think you're brave even to give your number out to parents though! I wouldn't do that - I know of some parents who look up the teachers in the phone book and call them to harrass them. Seems the parents of the kids at my school either don't give a shit at all or think that their child is so wonderful they would never do anything wrong (and never lie) so everything that happens is the teacher's fault.

Found you on blogexplosion and will be bookmarking you, if only to give myself a little perspective after a bad day!!!

Laura said...

I'm pretty sure we have no such clause in our contracts down here in phone number is on my syllabus. Really, so few kids or parents use it that it is almost more of a safety that they DO have it--"What didn't you understand? You could have called me!" And some do. And they're good about it. I admire them for actually meeting me halfway.

So far, no Garies. :o)