Monday, May 08, 2006

can you hear me?


Honestly, I hate cell phones in school. It took my classes about three months to figure out that I will snatch them away and make them beg for clemency before I return them. I also know that many teachers are afraid to take away a cell phone out of fear of having a physical altercation with a student, and/or the risk you take when you confiscate potentially expensive items. Dealing with cell phone use in the classroom just sucks all around.

Now, I'm not a parent nor a father. But, I do understand the need for these kids to have their phones. If I lived in the area my students live in .... well, suffice it to say my kid would have a cell on him/her at all times and would be talking to Daddy a whole lot as s/he walked to and from school.

I have two kids in my extended-time period who call their mothers at work immediately after the dismissal bell rings to let them know that they are heading home. To me, this seems like responsible parents maintaining appropriate contact with, and oversight of, their children.

Unfortunately, the DOE doesn't seem to agree. So now Randi is off crusading around the issue, Klein is digging in his heels, and the policy war had commenced. What... the ... %^&*... ever.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comment on my journal. I really appreciate the welcome and the words of advice. It's just one of those areas you're not really sure about until you talk with people in the situation. It's pretty amazing...I think we set a new forum record for quickest time to jump to 2 pages that's not "Placements/Universities are up" related as in less than 24 hours, we're well approaching the three page mark I think. Seems like there's a number of us in Cohort 12...we're talking a Pride field trip. :)

Anyway...thanks for saying hi! I'm gonna be District 75, Brooklyn. What do you teach?

Feel free to email if you'd like... jordangirl at gmail dot com. :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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Ms. H said...

Damn, I miss you. Where you at, Mister?

Anonymous said...

Hey, man.

Where ya been?

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