Sunday, May 07, 2006


Just finished my culminating master's research project. Woohoo! I was excited for about a half minute until I remembered that their is nothing "cumulative" about it. As I started my program midyear, I still have to complete another 5 classes over the summer and fall semesters. Regardless, I'm REALLY happy that 600 pound gorilla is off my back, and I can now see the light at the end of the ed school tunnel.

To make matters even that much better, I also planned out a one week unit regarding plot and folk tales. It's planned for one week, but I can see it easily taking two. I pulled all of the information and 6 variations of the Cinderella tale from the MarcoPolo website, which is now my absolutest, favoritest, bestest teacher website for lesson planning. Many of the lesson plans are easily modifiable for special education students, and the links to primary documents are the bomb. I heart MarcoPolo and their sponsors.

Now I'm weighing the option of having my students make masks resembling the costumes worn by the Patriots during the Boston Tea Party. It requires buckram, paint, scissors, and the students sitting still long enough to make an impression of their face. The scissors and paint portion of the project scare me enough to just say, "Oh, hell no!" But the project is pretty cool, and I'm leaning on the side of going ahead with it.

Now I just have to find "buckram" and some tranquilizers for the boys.


Nancy said...

Thanks for the MarcoPolo link. It looks interesting. You need to fix the URL has your URL prefixed to it. Oops.

Chaz said...

What happened to you?????