Monday, October 29, 2007

Would love to post

I am absolutely swamped with paperwork.

Monthly progress reports
9 more IEPs due Wednesday
2 student observations
4 SETSS observations and assessments
Lesson plans (woo hoo! The one thing that I DO like doing)
Homework, Project Grades, Test Grades, Quiz Grades
UFT communications to staff / SBOs to draft

I have gone through 2 ink cartridges in four days.

The paper is swallowing my office alive, and I'm too damn broke to invest in any storage systems. I've tried to get through the paper mess by multiple organization methods (color-coded files, labeled cardboard boxes, and infinite binders). I'm done. I'm fizzling out. I'm exhausted from deadlines. I'm weary of the never ending "data collection" crap overwhelming my school. I dread looking in my school box.

Notice how I haven't even mentioned that almost none of this actually related to the one thing I'm really passionate about? Teaching? Oh, that would be nice, but while I'm teaching, I'm worrying about what meeting I've probably missed, will miss, or about to miss.

I just want my old classroom back with my crazy-ass kids. I miss them so much.

Gotta run. Paperwork to do, don't you know.

WHY IS MY SCHOOL PAYING ALMOST $30, 000 to an "empowerment network"? All they seem to do is come in and want MORE paperwork. Bah!

Oh, and my bulletin boards? Yeah, they can only have typed student work. Guess who is typing that stuff? The teachers. So much to do, so little time, so much damn paperwork.

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