Tuesday, October 30, 2007

time to remember

Too often, I've been so caught up in the development of the new school that I tend to lose sight of why I'm expending so much energy regarding this endeavor.

Today, we took the school to the zoo. I was hoping to stay back to get some "urgent paperwork" done, but that wasn't to be. So off I went. Reluctantly.

I'm so glad I did. It allowed me some time to bond, play, and goof around with my students. Hands pulling on my sleeve to look at various animals were a powerful reminder of the role we play as teachers. Smiles and jokes reminded me of how wonderful children are; how they can be concurrently cynical and inquisitive all at once as they develop their minds in relation to the larger world they have inherited.

They made me laugh today. They made me think about how I teach, how to motivate learning, how to get them to the next level.

How lucky, I thought, to be a teacher.

(oh, gosh. This was a strange post for me.)

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