Sunday, December 02, 2007

perhaps this is a medical condition

I left yet another UFT function after listening to Randi speak. This is the third time that something was said that got my panties in a bunch.

I really don't have a problem with Randi. Some hate her, some love her, and I'm all ... meh. As a delegate for one year, and now a chapter leader, I find myself increasingly intolerant of ambiguity in the UFT's position when it comes to developing issues. In this case, Randi's discussion about Klein's "gotcha" unit, and an ensuing letter from the Chancellor that was supposedly sent to each teacher (did anyone actually get one?), was basically summarized with the conclusion that teachers will just have to live in fear for the next year and a half until this administration is gone.

Listen, I busted my ass this summer training 25 of the most talented, intelligent, and reflective teaching fellows one could hope to have at their school. I have four new teachers in my school this year. I am totally vested in seeing them thrive. Fear isn't a component in the development and growth of an effective teacher. It took me three years to fully appreciate the passion I have for teaching. If "fear" was an overriding concern of mine on a daily basis, I'd be back being a lawyer.

I guess my point is this. The UFT has got to take a true stand on many of the issues confronting our probationary and tenured teachers. This latest reorganization will certainly destroy many beginning and long-term careers, as principals strain to assume total responsibility and accountability of schools that the DOE has abandoned in a state of persistent failure.

So stating that my colleagues and myself have to endure another year and a half of fear is beyond my comprehension. It is not acceptable. Fight the fight, Randi, or please step aside.

- NO "Teacher Performance Unit"
- DEMAND a return to confidential new teacher mentoring
- MONITOR each and every "U" and "D" rating, not just end of the year performance reviews
- NO to merit pay in all of its forms
- NO to "Green Dot" watered-down charter school teacher contracts
- NO to "fair funding" nonsense that threatens our most veteran and effective teachers
- NO to the continuing isolation of our parents and ineptness of the Parent Engagement Office
- NO to the abhorrent, inhumane, unethical and unending testing of our students

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NYC Educator said...

Ms. Weingarten sees Mr. Klein as a monster. She figures if she throws him some meat, he will leave her alone for a while. Sadly, this strategy did not anticipate that the monster would, inevitably, hunger for more.

You'd think after six years she'd figure that out. If indeed she has, it's gonna take more than a candlelight vigil to address the situation.