Monday, December 03, 2007

bad sloths

The sloths were bad today. Very, very bad.

They didn't pay attention, they were defiant, and one was downright insubordinate. This is totally in stark contrast to my other classes. They know I'm serious, and they generally try to rise to the occasion. But the sloths are the lowest tracked students, and learned helplessness seems to be a prevalent theme. So tomorrow I try again.

I've resolved to take a step back from the UFT. Not as chapter leader, but from thinking about UFT policy with any sort of critical thought. It's relatively pointless. Basically, all I can do at my next chapter meeting is simply state that the UFT really hasn't enacted any purposeful course of action to stem the tide of slash-and-burn employee relations with the BOE, and to watch their asses.

I actually met up with my former principal on the train this afternoon. She quickly convinced me that no matter how bad the UFT is, the CSA is even worse. So that's that. I'm limiting my UFT comments to the blogs of the pros.

Certain developments at school now have me standing student arrival and dismissal duty outside indefinitely. In light of this, I went shopping for a new overcoat. 3 stores, 3 hours, and not one overcoat that I liked. I hate shopping to begin with (odd for a gay guy), and tonight's time waster didn't help.

And that's that. Another Monday down.

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NYC Educator said... matter how bad the UFT is, the CSA is even worse.

Well, the 05 contract, the worst in our history, came on the heels of the CSA contract that gave up tenure for principals and made APs work year-round. The precedents they set didn't help us very much.

However, there are far fewer of them than there are of us, and pardon my seeming disrespect (this is just my opinion), but we're a hell of a lot more important than they are.

I'm sorry you don't want to write about the UFT anymore, because I enjoy reading your stuff.