Saturday, December 08, 2007

totally heartbroken

One of my students was removed from my school. His foster parents said they couldn't handle him any longer.

Yes, he has many conditions that require extensive support.

Today, I was informed that he was placed in a psych program in upstate New York. Now I have to find a way to see him before the holidays. I sold my car when I moved to Manhattan, so it looks as though I'll be asking my parents to use one of their cars next weekend. I likewise hope that my father is available to join me. Perhaps for support; perhaps for the need to validate the one constant I've been so exceptionally fortune to have throughout my life.

I simply can't fathom this child not feeling loved at this time of the year. He needs to know someone gives a damn; that there just might be someone to turn to for the duration.


JJJ said...

Damn, I just read this out loud to my husband and I couldn't quite get through it without tearing up. Then he wiped his tears and told me that I should wait awhile to read the article about Brett Favre in SI this week, so I wasn't overloaded with tear-inducing kindness.

And my point, yes I have one, is that bad things happen all the time, but only some of them are redeemed by kindness in others. That you feel this as your obligation...well, you're one of those special kinds of people.

oldteacher said...

I know how you feel. In early October I was needling J. to finish the math assignment.(I too am a sp ed teach in a small secondary school so I split my time between CTT classes and SETSS and oh yeah tracking down missing IEP's, answering any special ed questions, staff, students or parents have, CFI team and covering any class that no one else showed up to cover).
J: Why you always bother me?
Me: 'Cause I want you to graduate HS.
J: I am going to graduate- how much do you want to bet me?
Me: Oh don't know how much do you think?
J: $100 - I bet you $100 bucks I'll graduated.
Me: I'll take that bet.
J: Even if I transfer?
Me: Where you going?

Of course the next Monday he had been moved from one foster placement to a group home and my heart breaks. I too will have to borrow a car to visit this break.

ms. v. said...

it's hard enough to know that you'll never know "the end of the story" to most of your kids' lives... but the transfers are hardest of all. you are a good person to go up there and visit him.

chaz said...

Be very careful. Remember the DOE policy on teachers. "No good deed goes unpunished".

You going to see your ex-student is a wonderful thing. However, the DOE seems to think that teachers shouldn't be involved in their students' lives. Many a teacher found that out the hard way.

yomister said...

Thank you all for your comments.

I'll keep you posted. Matters still have to be attended to with his caseworker regarding his educational documents and records. We'll see what develops from there.

ruben said...

amazing. a challenge for me to push myself harder not just to care more, but to show that i care to my students.