Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Today, I met with Luke to discuss what provoked his "compass poking" incident.

I'm always so dismayed to discover the level of bullying that children experience, often out of the sight of teachers. And conversely, in the sight of teachers, but too easily dismissed as "horseplay" or "off-task" behavior.

He let it all out. He's outstandingly articulate.

Why are children so cruel to some of their peers?

Why would a child feel intimidated about "working hard and getting good grades" in a school that consistently pushes children to excel?

And really, what the hell do I do about it? How do I help this child? How much damage has already been done? Can it even be repaired? I strongly feel the weight of this problem, and I don't know what to do.

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ms. v. said...

it won't necessarily be enough, or even have any immediate effect, but just having that conversation and expressing compassion is a big first step. I was bullied a little bit as a kid, and definitely suffered from being a little bit too good a student, and every time an adult took the time to really hear what that was like, it was like a booster shot to get through and onto the better things that await those who work hard... if you do follow up with this mentorship, it will help him even more... I'm sure of it.