Tuesday, March 28, 2006

humper, part II

Today, as I was attempting to start a DVD (of the highest educational quality .... yeah, right) for my class, I was unable to locate the remote.

As I wandered around my desk searching for the damn thing, one of my students yelled out, "Yo, Mister! Lenny put the remote down his pants!"

And sure enough, he had.

As I apprehensively approached Lenny, he stood up, did a thrust-n-grind, and then proceeded to try and turn on the DVD player through the fabric of his pants.



NYC Educator said...

A student of mine had a watch that could contorl VCRs. He used to drive one of my scatterbrained colleagues crazy with it.

NYC Educator said...

Great new look. Kind of like a 1950s TV talk show host.

Jeffrey said...

This is not normal sexual behavior. You mentioned that lenny has a learning dissability, I would also anticipate abuse issues. I work with sexually deviant teens. This young man has learned to get attention with sexual behavior, he needs intervention.