Thursday, May 04, 2006

Do Now, Do Later, Just Hush Your Mouth

I'm still shaking my head at the insanity that transpired in my room this afternoon with the boys.

In they came in all hyped from lunch, unable to do anything but run about the room, hitting one another, and hurling vulgarities. Although this is typical behavior, I can generally get them settled in after aboutt 30 minutes of nonsense.

Yes. It does take me 30 minutes to settle in this class of ED boys. It's crazy, but that's the way it has been this year. Given that we have a triple period, we do get some work done after a lot of screaming, threats, and pleas for some semblance of order. But after 10 minutes it quickly became apparent that today's behaviors were just that more extreme, unusual, and offensive that my para and I quickly realized that we were dealing with an entirely different type of problem.

Actually, he realized it before me and quickly moved his chair in order to block the door. "Mr. Benjamin, we're gonna have some runners today. I can tell. Gonna block these crazy-ass boys."

Unfortunately, he was all too correct. The boys were totally out of their minds and made every effort to flee the classroom in order to spread their unique madness throughout the school.

A whole bunch of stuff happened after that, but all of the details are now lost to me. I seriously think that I'm beginning to suffer from post-tr@umatic stress disor*er. Unfortunately, the "post" part is still seven or so weeks away.

The day ended with an extended day detention. I held their extended day cutting butts until the last bell rang. Their apologies and testaments to better behavior blissfully ignored.

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