Tuesday, May 02, 2006


For a number of reasons, the word "Gah!" has been spilling out of my mouth a lot the last couple of days. This has taken the place of the f-bomb, which I feel is simply inappropriate for a teacher to utter in a middle school (see, I have standards). Gah is now my f-bomb.

Today, I Gah-ed...

The principal when she informed me that I was being assigned my
absolute last choice in assignments.

The assistant principal who made a stupid comment in front of one of my students.

That bastard teacher that works across the hall after he made some condescending remark.

A drunk parent on the phone (Gah!)

The aide that
lost a book of poetry that I sent down for photocopies. (Gah! Gah!)

And, of course, the letter I found in my mailbox regarding a series of PD sessions... on Saturdays.

But the biggest Gah! was heard when one of my students got up from his desk and punched his fist through a window, causing much blood and a trip to the hospital.

I can handle all of the situations above, with the exception of next year's assignment. That, I believe, resolved any doubts that I had about transferring. Yup, it sure did.


Miss Malarkey said...

Ugh- they can't make you go to Sat. PD- are they the types to make your life harder if you don't show up?

yomister said...

Exactly, Miss. I already informed them that I wouldn't be attending due to a series of family events already scheduled. Now I'm just sitting back and waiting for the observations and coverage assignments. Pfft.

Glenn said...

Saturdays are for masochists, and everybody knows teachers aren't masochists.

Kids will need you wherever you want to go. Go.